What mode to use – a step down could be a step up?

Lately I wasn’t very happy with the pictures I took.
Being photographing on events and not in the security of a home studio I’m relying on quick picture taking, exciting motives and – to be honest – sheer luck.
Being in the want of pictures a little on the artsy side I‘ searching uncommon perspectives, lightning and compositions.
Sounds like these two won’t go easy together? Right. I was near to disgusted more then a few times when I saw what came out after a weekend of shooting: Wrong white balance when I grabbed the wrong camera which wasn’t adjusted yet. Wrong composition because I couldn’t get into the right place with the bags and all the stuff hanging on my shoulders an neck. Missed pictures, too dark, too light, wrong focus and on the top of it all:

BORING pictures.

Somewhere along the line I got too much into thinking about the gear and lost focus of the resulting motives.

So this weekend I took a step back to from where I came, concentrated on one lense per walk across the event area and switched to P. Without thinking about lense, shutter and aperture and just the little adjustments I did since I own a digital camera (ISO every few hours and aperture correction during shooting) I was able to open myself to some other things like „Talking to people you want to take a picture of“ and „I think this might be better when the camera gets a little bit lower“. Suddenly shooting was fun again.

I really like my aperture priority mode and I’m not saying it drains my enjoyment out of it (Did I mention my bellows? I LOVE my bellows!), but stepping back to Program surely made my weekend and looking at the results more delightning.

And if some day it gets boring… perhaps I’m going up to M *shiver*

Pictures from the weekend

Über Jens Oliver "dae" Murer
I'm a software-developer and amateur photographer with a special interest in renaissance faires and event photography.

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