2 things quickly done to improve your Websitegrade

My grade of 75/100So I graded my website after a massive graphical relaunch from a clean white, blog-like layout to a brownish, more image-based… blog-like layout. Google hadn’t yet refreshed the new sitemap, user-feedback was low but the stats said there were people visiting the site, mute as always. When switching from a databased, smarty-based image-library to a self-made solutions about two years ago my grade dropped immensely, but because my main visitors were always driven to the site by handing over a business card I didn’t mind if it was 93% (oh the glory of those days) or 70%. But a 75 after a relaunch I thought I had my bases covered was a little disappointing and I looked into the report to find out what was going on. A lot of the thing it told me couldn’t be fixed quickly. How am I supposed to „fix“ my Alexa-rank or MOZ-number? And the big red message „2 images found. 0 have no ALT-text“ was a little confusing at best. But two things I could work on. And could do so quickly.

1. Headlines. Quite a no-brainer: More than 1 H1-tag was found. I successfully added a Welcome-line AND a main-topic to my index-page and messed up my hierarchy. After fixing this the error vanished and crawlers will be able to recognize the hierarchy of the contents.

2. Conversion form. I always saw this message „No conversion form found“ and never really gave it a thought. After all I’m not into selling products, what do I need a conversion form for? After uploading my newest photos I write a blogpost about it and share it with the folks on Facebook. When adventurous it went into Twitter and a few other social networks and if I’m really, really, REALLY into it I upload a few to flickr and wizard myself a slideshow for YouTube. But what would I do with data from a conversion form? After a little thinking I decided to give it a shot: This little tutorial about sending PHP-Mails via Jquery/AJAX almost completely did the job (I had to put another REGEX into the PHP as well for crawlers sent me ten empty mails seconds after uploading the first version) and now there’s a neat little, AJAX-driven Email-field in my menu allowing visitors to subscribe to my newsletter (Which will be a mail after I uploaded new photos, who would have thought?). How many if any visitors will register I can’t say, but what’s the worst that can happen? :)

And now… I’ll wait till I can grade again.

The report on www.zeugenberg.de at grader.com

Disclaimer: Normally I don’t write English articles in this blog which is about photography, renaissance faires and just a dash of SEO and social media. The reasons for this English post are twofold: First I guess it improves the visibility at Go… search engines. Second this post participates at a contest hold by HubSpot, the makers of the brilliant free grader-tools, creators of tons of free webinars and inbound marketing resources and last but not least their very own Inbount marketing, all-in-one marketing application/CMS/grading/SEO-thingy, for easier reminding also named HubSpot. I used their tools for years but so far I never really got into fixing all the things they told me. This article is about quick fixes, the next step would be to finally migrate the blog belonging to the site from wordpress.com. I’ll see into that ;)

Über Jens Oliver "dae" Murer
I'm a software-developer and amateur photographer with a special interest in renaissance faires and event photography.

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